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Old Republic Exchange, incorporated in California in 1993, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Old Republic International (NYSE: ORI), a multi-line insurance holding company with $25.1 billion* of total assets. When you choose Old Republic Exchange, you assure yourself that your exchange funds are secure. At your request, Old Republic Exchange will provide a written guarantee from Old Republic National Title Holding Company stating that Old Republic National will reimburse you for any loss of funds transmitted to Old Republic Exchange if such loss is the result of Old Republic Exchange’s or its employees’ gross negligence, fraud, or dishonesty.Old Republic Exchange is covered by professional liability (errors and omissions) insurance with a $50mm aggregate limit, and insured by a fidelity bond covering acts of dishonesty or fraud with a $60mm single-loss limit and an $120mm aggregate limit.

We hope this website provides you with useful information so that you can have a meaningful conversation with your tax advisors regarding your specific situation. If you have additional questions, please call one of our regional offices located throughout the United States or visit our resources page for up to date information.

Old Republic Exchange does not provide tax or legal advice. Consult with your tax advisor to determine whether an exchange is appropriate for your circumstances.

Call our National Office at 800-738-1031

* as of March 31, 2022

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