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We Deliver Peace of Mind

  • We consult with your tax advisor to assure your transaction is properly structured to qualify for tax deferred status.
  • We prepare the legal documents necessary to facilitate your transaction, including: the exchange agreement, the assignment, the exchange contract addendum, the exchange account closing summary and the identification notice.
  • We execute closing documents and where necessary review and execute financing documents.
  • We act as the principal, by way of an assignment, in your purchase and sale transactions.
  • We hold your exchange proceeds so that you do not have actual or constructive receipt of the funds.
  • We coordinate with your real estate agent, tax advisor and/or attorney, escrow/closing officer and lender to ensure the smooth and accurate processing of your exchange transaction.



Always consult with your tax advisors. They are essential to a successful tax deferred exchange. Your tax professional will establish values, allocate sales and purchase price, and recommend the appropriate structure of your transaction.

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