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Old Republic Exchange e-Reports

  • Partnership Distributions - A "Taxing" Problem for Exchangers   view as PDF
  • Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act of 1980 and Section 1031 Exchanges   view as PDF
  • IRS Guidance on Exchanging Vacation Homes   view as PDF
  • Understanding the Improvement Exchange   view as PDF
  • Reverse Exchanges in a Nutshell   view as PDF
  • Related Parties in a Nutshell   view as PDF
  • Using a Seller Carry-Back Note in the Exchange   view as PDF
  • IRC Section 1031 Exchange Expenses   view as PDF
  • Subdividing Investment Property and Dealer Status in an IRC Section 1031 Exchange   view as PDF
  • Changing Your Qualified Intermediary Mid-Exchange: Permissible or Not?   view as PDF
  • Beware: Improper Identification Invalidates the IRC Section 1031 Exchange   view as PDF
  • Foreclosures, Short Sales and Deeds in Lieu   view as PDF
  • Exchange Basics - "Balancing the Equities"   view as PDF
  • Exchanging Fractional Ownership Interests Under Section 1031   view as PDF
  • Taxpayers Beware: Zero Profit Doesn't Mean Zero Capital Gains Taxes   view as PDF
  • Who is “Disqualified” from acting as Qualified Intermediary?   view as PDF
  • How Real Estate Agents can help their Clients Save Taxes   view as PDF
  • Real Estate Agents: How to Protect Your Client’s Exchange   view as PDF
  • Seven Reasons to Exchange   view as PDF
  • Why Choose Old Republic Exchange for your Next 1031 Exchange   view as PDF
  • Partnership Distributions: Minimize Risk with Advance Planning   view as PDF
  • Refinancing and Section 1031: Planning Considerations   view as PDF
  • Understanding “Like-Kind”   view as PDF
  • The California “Claw Back” Rule   view as PDF
  • FIRPTA Withholding for Foreign Sellers   view as PDF
  • Application of Principal Residence Exclusion to Property Currently or Formerly Used for Investment   view as PDF
  • Old Republic Exchange’s 1031 Exchange Services   view as PDF
  • Mineral Rights in Section 1031 Exchanges   view as PDF



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